360 DLT Investment Assessment

 Fundamental understanding.
Better investment decisions.

360 DLT Investment Assessment

How to value a blockchain startup, decentralized network, or crypto
asset with an investor-grade framework?

360 Network Analysis is our assessment tool for blockchain projects, cryptonetworks, and startups in the decentralized  consensus category. In order to assess investment opportunities in this emerging category, we developed an analytical framework that combines crypto-specific assessment dimensions (e.g. cryptoeconomics, distributed value creation models, network dynamics) with proven methodologies used in venture capital, IPOs, and credit ratings. Overall, we assess more than 240 data points. The data we use comes from publicly available sources as well as from primary research.

Initially invented during the ICO boom, we since continued to develop the framework. Today we use it to evaluate ICOs, STOs, investments in publicly traded crypto assets and equity deals in crypto startups.

We offer the 360 DLT Investment Assessment in different degrees of depth. Whether you are looking for a quick initial check-up of a potential investment opportunity or a complete due diligence: we’ve got you covered. For more details and to find out which package fits your current need the best, just get in touch.

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