360 DLT Investment Assessment

is our assessment tool for blockchain projects, crypto networks,
and startups in the decentralized consensus category.

We developed an analytical framework that combines crypto-specific assessment dimensions with proven methodologies used in venture capital, IPOs, and credit ratings. We use it to evaluate ICOs, STOs, investments in crypto currencies and equity deals in crypto startups.

Our Offerings

DLT 360 Tech & Tokenomics Due Diligence

Assessment and report along 5 dimensions

Duration: 3 weeks

Uniqueness of Tech

  • Competitive Landscape
  • Custom Code (BCH and other)

How well is it built?

  • Application Tech Stack
  • Front End
  • Back End
  • Blockchain Integration


  • Tech Stack Scalability/Cloud Services
  • Integrations

Opportunities and


  • Tech Bottle Necks
  • Crypto Regulatory Considerations (Custody, KYC/KYB)

Token Economy


  • Token Design
  • Incentive Structure

Full DLT 360 Blockchain Company Assessment

Assessment and report along all 12 DLT 360 dimensions

Duration: 4 weeks

Full DLT 360 Tech Due Diligence

Company and Team

Transparency and Governance

Business Model & Plan



Regulatory, Legal and Tax

Token Sale Economics, Security and Marketing

Proceeds Management and Custody


More than 200+ points assessed in total

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